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Clean walls and ceilings are an important part of a pleasant and healthy home or business environment. Microorganisms growing on ceiling and wall surfaces can cause unpleasant odors and can lead to illness. Mold and mildew spores should be removed, not just masked. Wall washing will sanitize your wall surfaces, remove the source of odors, and give your walls a fresh, clean look.
Should I paint or wash my walls?
Wall washing is highly recommended before painting, in many situations. In fact, clean walls help the paint adhere to the walls more efficiently. A regular wall washing can even extend the life of your painted walls for many years and in some cases can be an inexpensive alternative to painting.
The benefits of using C&B Cleaning Services
Our cleaning professionals hand wash walls to ensure thorough, effective and streak-free results! We use effective but safe cleaning products designed for professional results. We provide our own supplies and equipment, so there is no need for our customers to worry about anything. We offer 10 years experience and we are insured and bonded.
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